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V.I.T. Vöhringer Innovation Technology

Vunder tech
V3d composite



The Vöhringer Innovation Team has struck again! Now there is Vöhringer AIRPLY® with the XPS core - the super-light alternative to conventional plywood.

  • Save more than 45 percent in weight compared to plywood panels!
  • Reduce your costs – currently by up to 20 percent!
  • Benefit from perfect dimensional stability



The wood-free alternative to previously used plywood panels.

VFLEX is the wood-free alternative for wall and ceiling covering to the plywood panels previously used in interior construction. Special polyester fibers form the base material and prevent rotting. VFLEX is breathable. That means: moisture can be absorbed and released again. The material is very light and also absorbs sound.

VFLEX is used in a raw version or equipped with fabrics or foils if the surface is to fit into the interior design. Vöhringer supplies VFLEX in various sheet sizes or in the future on the roll.

Vunder tech


The "lightweight" with high stability.

VUNDER TECH has a very high stability and is still very light. A variety of furniture components for different purposes are created using a patented and in-house developed production process (e.g. swivel walls in wet rooms, kitchen covers). This is possible due to the special sandwich construction made of light core material (EPS, PET) and the robust cover layers. At VUNDER TECH, EPS and laminate are cast together using polyurethane (PU) without incurring additional template or tool costs for straight elements. The integration of PET or wood is possible. The symbiosis of the different materials is the central innovation feature.

Thanks to the EPS core literally “lightweights” are created. The laminate guarantees a robust surface and leaves room for design. The encapsulated PU connects the core and the surface on the edge and provides additional stability. The materials are seamless and watertight. VUNDER TECH received the INTERZUM AWARD in 2017 - as the coveted "Best of the Best" award in the "Intelligent Material & Design" category.



Mainly for side walls and floor elements.

VSTRONG stands for lightweight panels, which are mainly installed as floor elements in caravans and motorhomes. Here they have to withstand high loads, but at the same time should contribute to weight savings. In tests, Vöhringer was able to prove that the plates easily carry several tons of load. In order to influence the weight, it is possible to use different core materials (PET / honeycomb) in different densities. An increase in stability is achieved by the top layer consisting of a fiberglass-polypropylene scrim.

Due to the inorganic materials and the closed-cell core, the VSTRONG sheets are water-resistant and also have good insulation values. Interior designers refine the panels with foils and edges and thus integrate them into their room and design concepts.

V3d composite


Convinces by weight and noise reduction, breathable.

Compared to previously often used ABS / GRP components, the V3D COMPOSITE lightweight construction elements impress with their weight reduction, breathability, noise reduction and a pleasant feel. Each part is manufactured according to customer specifications (design, shape, integration). Thanks to the special Vöhringer process, it is also possible to offer small and medium-sized series sizes at economical tooling costs. V3D COMPOSITE is used for the following vehicle installations: side wall covering, headlining and ceiling cladding, interior cupboard covers, B-pillar cladding and rear garage covering. Especially with B-pillars, it becomes clear how fluently living space and driver's cab can be connected through the V3D COMPOSITE solutions and thus form a unit.

More than lightweight construction. Complex and competent.

In order to meet the claim as a "perfect premium system supplier", there is the VISION360 CONCEPT at Vöhringer. With this concept we are able to serve the complete wood / polyurethane interior construction. This diversity enables us to offer the right material and the right production technology for each of your inquiries. 330 highly qualified employees ensure that everything runs smoothly every day.

All lightweight construction innovations from Vöhringer are created in the VISION LAB at Kehl location at our partner Ross Design or the VISION LAB in Trochtelfingen. The VISION LAB is our think tank in which the various tasks of our clients are solved.

The optimum of lightness, finding the zeitgeist and the implementation in the market are questions that drive the development team under the direction of Martin and Dominik Ross.


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