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We develop and produce lightweight construction solutions to perfection for you.We develop and produce lightweight construction solutions to perfection for you.


Our prototype of a light camper: modular, flexible and innovative. In this way, ecological requirements in terms of consumption, weight and CO2 emissions are met without losing the functionality and aesthetics of the interior.
Vöhringer Conceptcamper 2021

Ein völlig neues Raumgefühl. Hecktüren-, Schiebetüren- und Säulenverkleidungen können in einem Look gestaltet werden. Individuelle Wünsche sind jederzeit möglich. V3D COMPOSITE ist hier die zeitgemäße Antwort und zeichnet sich durch weniger Gewicht, hohe Atmungsaktivität und hohe Geräuschreduzierung aus.


First time ever two lengthways beds feasible with two meter length in a six meter long base vehicle. Through sideways folding of the beds right and left side you can achieve additional loading room which can be used during the day. Even the rebuild to a pure Transporter is now any time feasible.

Viel Platz mit der Küche der neuen Art

Lots of space with the new type of kitchen. the products VLIGHT BASIC and VUNDERTECH ensure that the standardized kitchen unit is space-saving and easy to use. The intelligent construction solution makes installation much easier and more efficient.

Das extra Raum Plus
The extra space plus. The intelligent and easy combination of the kitchen & bathroom modules created enough space. For the first time, two people can walk past each other without any problems.
Die Nasszelle der neuen Generation
The wet room of a new generation . With VUNDERTECH the help of VUNDERTECH Material we introduce colour. Boring was yesterday. The adaption to the overall look of the living room is now possible. The entire wet cell is movable, removable and waterproof. A real “lightweight” thanks to the EPS core. The laminate guarantees a robust surface and leaves room for designers.
The automotive feeling. VFLEX is adding colour and form as well as an automotive feeling to the interior. A visual adjustment to the sliding door, as well as rear doors and pillar covering is any time feasible.
There is freedom of choice: If you prefer the Camper Van as a six-seater, you can deselect the wet room and replace it with a large cupboard or two additional seats, for example. The individual seats are already equipped with the integrated rail system from Schnierle, seating system. An existing wheelchair can be attached directly to it.

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